Wondering if the Soundtoys bundle is worth it or if cubase has similar fx plugins ?

I’m thinking of getting the soundtoys 5 bundle but what with cubase 10.5s new delay plugin, saturaters and delays etc which are all very high quality I’m wondering if soundtoys really brings anything new ?

Soundtoys are plug-ins I could never be without. They are very musical and fantastic sounding and will inspire you to get great results fast. You might be able to do something similar with other stuff but it hasn’t happened to me. The stock Cubase plugins are also great they’re just different beasts - somewhat cleaner, more correct, more bread and butter. But Steinberg sure have upped the game. Conclusion: get the soundtoys stuff and use both when appropriate:)

Many thanks

I can only agree. Super fast en easy to get creative with the soundtoys plugins. There’s something much more organic going on with them vs many other plugin companies.

Also the presets are a goldmine!


Thanks. Is $244 a good price ?

Heck yeah that’s a great price!

Thanks. I guess I’m going to jump in as I like what I’ve seen so far. Just a shame about the skeumorphic look as I personally find that really offputting. But hopefully I’ll get past that.