Won't record in Mono - WHY?!!

I’ve tried everything possible and I’m pulling my hair out!

I can record in stereo - no problem, but when I record in Mono - I have absolutely no signal.

I’m doing the following:

  1. Add Audio Track - Configuration - Mono
  2. Go to VST Connections - Inputs - add Mono Bus - Close.
  3. Back in Project with Mono track selected, change Input routing to Mono In, keeping Output as Bus 1 (stereo L&R)

I’m wondering if there’s a bug in my software or if I’m doing something wrong somewhere?

Many thanks in advance!
Screenshot (26).png
Screenshot (25).png
Screenshot (24).png

I would suggest that based on your screen grabs that you only have a signal on input two, you have set the mono track to record from input one thus no signal.

In 1 doesn’t seem to be arriving, not even for that stereo track.
Try a little more troubleshooting…
Create a 2nd Mono input, routed from In 2. Does that work ok when you try to record a mono track? (or, on the contrary, do both inputs now disappear?)
Try swapping the physical inputs around. (to ascertain whether In 1 is actually being transmitted from your AudioBox).

Split - that was it!! I’m so stoopid - thank you!
And thank you Vic_France too…

Not sure why input 1 doesn’t work though, but it’s not a problem - thanks again!