Woodcrest Studio LGT

Wow, it’s been a while, and getting back into the forum (password reset) was more complex than for several of my online financial accounts. But I’m in, and by request, here are a handful of shots from the recent gathering hosted by Woodcrest.

This is a link to my SmugMug site. You can only see the gallery if you have the link, it is otherwise not public (OK, now I am happy that Steinberg secures the forum). At the Website link, you’ll find larger pictures than here in the forum.


Names are omitted to protect the innocent. :laughing: I’ll leave it up to the folks in the photos to fess up with their IDs. Needless to say, I am behind the camera. :slight_smile:


That’s me in the Fender shirt.

That is me sitting next to the lovely lady at the table. I wonder if we have more pictures than this. I know I snapped a few, but mine are all outside. I’m wondering if we have any pictures of mark up in front of the mics.

Trying to post from one’s phone is a pain. Fortunately, I’m back on my laptop.

We all had an awesome time! Kim got a chance to jump on the drums, and Sara (my daughter, not pictured) hung out in the control room playing piano through the MIDI controller in there.

It was awesome to see Glyn, his lovely wife, and Tom’s girlfriend again; and to finally (!!!) meet Mark Petruzzi! Plus, I got to make the acquaintance with two new musicians who were kind enough to lend their drumming expertise to the afternoon. :smiley:


Yes, it great to get away and share the room with a bunch of talented, cool people. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And I don’t know if anyone too a shot of me behind the mic, but that might be too scary for the forum to handle :open_mouth: .

Maybe Glyn did? He knows how to use PhotoShop, so that is a good thing. :wink:

And Larry, it was good to finally meet you, too, though it was kind of like I knew you all along… itself a cool thing.


Colleen shared this one (thanks Colleen!). This is Wyatt in the isolation room drumming away. :sunglasses:

Cool! :sunglasses:

Was anything recorded or was this just a live jam? :nerd:

Tom had the entire place mic’d but whether any of it is any good is another matter entirely. :mrgreen:

You sell yourself short! Judging by the participants, my curiosity is not satisfied yet. :sunglasses:

It was a pleasure to meet Mark after more than fifteen years knowing each other online.

And thank you, Tom for lending me this badass guitar for the day.

In fact, thank you Tom for hosting, equipping and playing cool acoustic bass for us all.

And thank you Larry for putting so much thought into organizing the event and setting up the details. One has to be dogged to herd cats. And did I say thoughtful?

Thoughtfulness rubbed off on all of us. Mark did a thought solo.

Here’s Wyatt and me practising.

But Mark and Larry carried the day with their thought duet.

All thanks to Colleen who took these photos

And who did this fifteen second rolling video preview


Nice work Glyn, with entertaining captions! Haha!

LOL @ the captions!

Love it!


Ok, here’t the first one of many! I miss you guys. I really love mixing this with the exception of the buzz that comes in in the latter portion of the song from the outdoor CFL that was on a timer! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


If you guys want this private, let me know and I will make it so.

Sounds like a great time there guys, love the spontaneous laughter too!

one of the most enjoyable posts .

cheers for sharing. nice song too. listening to it at work, got distracted and found myself tapping my feet while tune was playing in the background. nice one!

Ha, thanks on the song. I forgot a whole verse, and sang the bridge wrong. :laughing: It’s been years since I’ve played live, or that song! I am going to re-record it, as I don’t like the original—I like this spontaneous arrangement better. :wink: