Word extension breaks multi bar rest

I’m having a curious issue in which, in the passage below, extending the word extension to the third note (using the space bar in the Lyrics popover) breaks the multi bar rest after it. It’s not a huge problem, as I can extend the WE manually, but it’s still strange.

WE problem.png

I think this can happen when the lyric advances to a note beyond the multi-bar rest. Is the whole note in the 2nd bar of your picture definitely in the same voice as the first two notes? I.e. is the lyric popover advancing through notes in the same voice into that bar and stopping there.

I can confirm the behaviour, with all notes in the same voice.

It’s probably for the best. Singers will be confused by that strange black line with a number above it. I hope you’re not expecting them to count?

Good point, Ben. I should have known better. And yes, all notes are in the same voice, also those beyond the MB rest: the lyric popover does indeed advance to the first note beyond the MB rest (which has by then already been split). It still doesn’t explain this strange behaviour.

Yes, I can see that here too. For now, you could copy the phrase to somewhere where there’s nothing else after it (maybe a new flow or the last couple of bars in the flow, input the lyric, get the correct extension, then paste it back into place. (You could also temporarily delete everything afterwards and re-input the lyric with extension but that’s probably not the safest route!)

Edit: or even easier, select the existing lyric with not-long-enough extender line and press Shift-Alt-Right arrow to lengthen it to the last note in the phrase before the multi-bar rest.