"word menues" in Dorico

Hi all,

is there a way in Dorico to set certain texts to particular keys as the “word menues” in Sibelius?

So for example assigning the dynamic “fp” to the F1 key, but only when entering dynamics.

It should thus work like this:

  1. press shift-D (or whatever shortcut I have for dynamics)
  2. press F1 to write the “fp”

Can this be done?
Or do you always need to type “f” and “p” manually?


No, Dorico doesn’t have an equivalent of Sibelius’s word menus. In the popover you can simply type “fp”.

If you find this too much work, you can use a third-party keyboard macro application (e.g. AutoHotKey on Windows, Keyboard Maestro on macOS) to create a macro that automates the sequence of Shift+D, fp, Return.

Thanks Daniel. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. In the long run, milliseconds become minutes, hours, days…

Is this something to come in future versions?


No, we don’t currently have any plans to add Sibelius-style word menus to Dorico’s popovers. Unless you’re typing long dynamics like ffffff I don’t think there is a measurable difference between typing e.g. fp (two keystrokes) and (say) Shift+F (also two keystrokes).

But you can definitely use third-party tools to automate the popovers if you wish, or use hardware devices like the Stream Deck (and can even program your own plug-ins for that using our Remote Control API if you find the pre-existing solutions not to your liking).

Hi Daniel, there is a very measurable time difference.

Since: You can assign the entries of word menues to shortcuts, which you can find blind on the main keyboard (e.g. if you assign them to F-keys).

Stream Desk is an option to do something similar, but needs extra hardware and is not ON the main keyboard.

Well, hopefully the advice I have provided about the several different possibilities that exist today for you to shape your workflow to your preferences will be sufficient, given that (to reiterate) we have no plans to implement anything like Sibelius’s word menus in Dorico.

As fate has it, I just made a Lua library available a few days ago that deals with dynamics, and with which you can get your specific dynamic with a single keycommand.

Caveat: for the library to run you will need the ConsoleTools framework, which is available as a free limited version perfectly sufficient for this issue.

Also – thinking outside the box of manually entering everything – When you have the same marking (or a series of them) in many places, you can select one occurrence and:

  • Alt-click to copy elsewhere, or Duplicate to Staff Below/Above
  • Copy it to the clipboard, select notes on multiple staves, and paste to them all at once

I find Dorico’s popovers far more convenient and versatile than Sib’s word menus, and with the above duplicating techniques I can really avoid having to do repetitive entries.

Thanks all, especially @Alexander_Ploetz for the hint of the Lua library. Very interesting, didn’t know about it.

What I mean is of course not only about adding “fp” markings… But is valid for texts which are needed frequently. The Sibelius word menu idea was (is) a great way to do that efficiently within a software, but at least I understand that it is still possible to do with third party solutions.

Curious: By “texts” do you mean markings such as playing techniques?