Word of warning? Mac 10.15.7 update conflicts with iLok software?

Hi all,

I thought I’d pass this on: Point updated to Catalina 10.15.7 from 10.15.6 yesterday. There seems to be some sort of conflict with iLok software. NONE of my license are recognized as activated on my dongle. (iLok application is latest and recognizes licenses as being on the dongle however.)

If I try to instantiate a plugin on a track, in every instance, I am asked to authorize the plugin. I opted to “authorize” one (to see what would happen). Initially it said it was authorized then almost immediately flashed to a dialogue box saying there had been an error.

Could be a coincidence, but prior to this update, no problems with iLok. Proceed cautiously.

If anyone has any info, please share. Thanks.



I expect this is some kind of permission issue. Make sure iLok is enabled correctly in the macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy, please.

Apple will soon sue PACE for competing with App Store.

Thanks all.

Pulled my hair out for a while. In the end, a simple re-syncing of the dongle did the trick.

Thanks again!