Wordclock and timecode via Syncstation

Hi all,

I use my Nuage Nio A8D8 via Dante, and I’m trying to figure out the best solution for the D8 channels via aes/ebu to take advantage of the 8 digital inputs.

Right now my master clock is the Nio Dante which I understand is more stable than wordclock.

Should I use the Nuendo Sync Station as the master clock and distribute wordclock from the sync station? As I mentioned, the Nio A8D8 is currently the master clock via Dante.

If I use the db25 AES/EBU from a Lynx Aurora 8 A/D io to the Nio the A/D and or D/A conversion then occurs solely at the Nuage unit, correct? Is there a less expensive option that would give the exact same results? Thank you,

No replies on this yet, Steinberg phone support cut their hours and no one there knows how to use the sync station anyways, live chat option is not working, and during an extremely busy and important time for their clients they furloughed their most helpful Nuage representative Marcel. I’ve loved Yamaha and Steinberg products and support up until now please don’t make me change my studio setup because your trying to save a few bucks while leaving your customers out to dry…