Work colab with Cubase Pro users

Hi everyone.
Would like to ask people of the forum to give some insight on how you´re working in collaborations with other people that have Cubase too.
Plugins is an issue sometimes, is it ok to freeze tracks and send the session to the dropbox ?
what are other tips you would like to share here.
Cleaning the session so it doesnt get massive on the cloud, freezing tracks is two things that i can remember for now.

Hi Pedro,

I regularly work on projects with a friend.
The one who is starting the project keeps its hands on it. Generally we’re sending each each other just a master out stereo file for reasons of saving cloud space.
Then the other one will add his stuff and send his .wav file(s) back to integrate them into the project. Might as well be MIDI files if we have the same VSTi’s.


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