work in progress + few questions


This is a vstsoundfile and lib and is working, but it is a file under construction, so FWIW. It is not for demo but just for communication.

I hope SB looks at it since i have a few questions of what is allowed and what is not.

The vsti is a 7-stack grain osc with a noise generator and i’m on the way of adding a thirth zone that will be the carpet.
WHat i will need are loads of stacks.

Q1: how many stacks are allowed in the diferent Halion verions ?

When i want to describe Halion 6 in one word, describing what this thing is for a user who wants to modify it’s software synth environment to his goals is, well,… this thing is mindboggling.
But okay, it is very open, so you can go two ways.

  • few engine disclosure, but focus on presets
  • engine focus, and presets
    Without wanting to copy what Steinberg already did with making these synths, any disclosure of the enige is needed.

Q2: is it ok to disclose the package as is ?

thanks for looking at it,
kind regards,

edit: if you get the can’t find sample message: just throw in any sample from the mediabay on the grain synth. e.g. the atmo’s will do fine but probably anything else too.
edit 2: the two synths do not have full implementation yet. The noise oscillator sits on stack 1, and has modulation on stack 6, the second synth has no stack at all for the moment (938 KB)