Work needed on the Drum Editor

The Drum Editor really does need a revamp and some TLC

Perhaps I will start the ball rolling with a few suggestions:

1 Being able to hide lanes or tracks to reduce the editor to a manageable size.
2 A hide unused lanes function.
3 Memory settings for Maps within the drum editor window, perhaps as a drop down menu at the top - to allow you to change a drum machine and keep the same editor going.
4 A lane/track quantise function - and a move forward or back command with a space to enter the degree of movement. Sometimes you only want to alter the snare.
5 The ability to use colour on the lanes.
6 A solo/mute function for the lanes.
7 An option to save the altered map within the editor window.

I had entered theses suggestions in a post Drum map management questions. It occurred to me these suggestions needed to be made here.

+1 Good ideas

I would like to see the return of the left/right boot tool. A little tool that was used in a cubase version a long time ago, the ability just to kick the note left or right by a small amount.

Point number 4 sorted!

GREAT IDEAS!! Number 2 was thankfully addressed in Cubase 8.5.

I would personally like to see a way to select all notes in a lane. In the key editor you could easily do this by command clicking on a note in the keyboard display. Why cant you do the same function by command clicking on a lane in the drum editor?

It would also be nice to have custom names for MIDI Controllers per drum map

EG. Roland TD20 uses CC’s for hi hat foot, snare strike position and ride strike position, it would be great if you could name these CC’s as such per drum map rather than just having to have them stuck as (Gen Purp 1) etc…

Hold Shift double click a drum diamond…all drum hits on that lane to the right of the clicked one are selected. So if you click on the first one that would select them all in that lane.

No 2… Is a new feature of 8.5
No 4… Each lane can have its own quantize value. Use the arrow keys to move selected by snap or quantize values only…one click.
No 5 Each lane can have it´s own colour …colour by pitch.
No 6 I know you can Solo a each lane, drum type…not sure about mute not in my studio at the moment.

Sorry if I have mis-understood any of your points…this is just meant to be helpful silhouette :slight_smile: