Work on very old file ARR and ALL from Cubase VST Studio 1999 version

I have not any Cubase software yet.
I would like to restart playing music after a long interruption and before to buy any software I would like to know if there is a way to work and (or) convert my old cubase files (old compositions) with midi and audio recording.

So the files are ARR and ALL from Cubase version juste before SX1 If I’m right it was Cabase VST Studio 5 On Windows XP computer in 1999 - 2000.
I remember that the files wasn’t compatible with SX1, may be because of the change of the run time engine from Nuendo in SX1.

I don’t think that any version after SX1 can import, open and convert my file?

I don’t think that steinberg built any tools for that?

So I think that my only chance to work on this files should be to re-run the old version of cubase ans so the question should be How and where to find this cubase software version. Is Steinberg keep it in his museum? or else where?

Thank you

A Cubase license lets you run all previous versions, starting with SX1. Cubase SX 3 was the last one to support importing Cubase VST files, and it can be used to save these files as the new .CPR format. This allows you to continue your projects in the newest Cubase versions.

If you buy Cubase Pro, download Cubase SX 3 here:

If you buy Cubase Elements, download Cubase SE 3 here:

Cubase Pro will be the closest to your old Cubase VST 5, it will do pretty much everything it did and much more. If you liked using Cubase VST, then you’ll love the current Cubase versions once you get used to them. They’re both much faster to use and far more powerful than VST.

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I think I’m kind of stuck. I have an old song recorded in Cubase back in 1999. I’m currently running Cubase 9.5 and obviously it won’t open the older file format. I’m on a cheese grater MacPro running OS 10.11.6. Reading through the guidance on Cubase SX3, I don’t think it will even run on my current machine because my OS no longer has Rosetta to enable running the older PPC applications. Is there any other way to get this file converted. This is one of those “one of” situations.

I am having exactly the same problem. I downloaded SE3 as recommended by steinberg BUT the license ran out in 2016 so it wont work… cant find any other solution