work round for expression maps in Cubase Artist 9.5

Hi :smiley:

So I was wondering,is there a workaround for setting up Expression maps in Cubase Artist 9.5? :question:
I understand this feature is not available for my version,(be great if it did)

Only I have a lot of sound libraries that have keyswitches,that I would like to use.

Any help or advice would be appreciated,thank you


If your library is using only KeySwitches, and nothing more complicated, you could make a Drum Maps. Then you could use the DrumEditor for the KeySwitching.

Hi Martin
Ok cool,so how would I set up the drum editor,to trigger my keyswitches?Only I use to draw in my key switches,in my previous Daws
,but then when I went to transpose my notes,I had to alter the keyswitches,lol
Thought I could use a separate midi track,or something?


MIDI Notes do the KeySwitches. Drum Editor with the Drum Map will help you to remember on witch key is witch articulation. Nothing more.

I would recommend to use an own MIDI track for the KeySwitches (with the Drum Map imported), and another track for the music MIDI data.

OK thanks Martin,appreciate your help