[workaround] "Add VST plugin picture to media rack" still doesn't work?

Not mutch of an issue but it used to work, and now it doesn’t since a few versions back.
You used to be able to take a snapshot of the GUI and it showed up in the media in the right zone as an image. Well, you still can but now Cubase can’t center the image properly anymore and the image is always takend in the upper left corner, wheter there is a plugin there or not!!! So if it’s in the lower right corner I guess you can have an image completely free from plugin GUI elements. If you drag your GUI of your plugin there you can have a halfassed image poorly aligned and that’s no fun, right? And as I said, it used to work.
It’s a better way to display those plugins you don’t use all the time as an image rather than some anonymous cryptic character combination among thousands.
Scolling around a list of strange words is not as inspiring as the funny looking images. Maybe I’m silly but that’s the way I am! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can we have the images back? :innocent:


I don’t know if my screen resolution has anything to do with it. It’s 3440x1440 and I’m slowly getting used to it.

Can’t anybody confirm if they have the same behavior?

Last time I used the function, it worked as expected.

Some system specs could be helpful. GPU, CPU…

Oh, that’s bad enough if it works for you haha. I’ve had some “strange stuff” going on since I bought this Samsung monitor when the old … very old … one died on me.
I also note I have for instance all the Steinberg snapshots intact but if I sacrifice one and hit the snapshot button on a plugin it creates a faulty one.
So what’s going on? I can do normal windows screen dumps no problem.
Here is a snapshot I can sacrifice since one of the ampsims in the images is … more used than the other haha. The first image shows what a snapshot looks in the Right Zone like if I move the GUI of the plugin as far up into the left corner as possible and hit the button. The snapshot is too small/GUI is to large to fit the size of the image produced so the lower part of the GUI is cut off.

Now we’re over at the Right Zone in both images but the only difference in the next image is I have hit the camera button again so now the snapshot is updated and the plugin GUI is almost gone from the image !!!

So … the involved hardwar is a Samsung S34J55x via a Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 from a i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz on Win10 recently updated

Not a dealbreaker or showstopper since it’s just a small part of Cubase for inspirational purposes but still it’s mildly annoying. It’s no fun to be stuck with just the old snapshots also knowing it will gets worse over time if I forget I can’t hit the camera button ever again.

hmmm… it is not a problem with the Samsung I guess…
I use the same monitor…
But GPU is a Radeon RX570 and CPU is a RyZen 7 5700G

Hey, Ulf! Maybe you have some scaling going on? This off-center snapshot is interesting. Is there a specific location on the screen where the plug-in can “pose” and fit in the frame? Maybe it needs to take the photo where the plug-in first loads?

I’m going to play with this in the afternoon, see if I can reproduce it!

Hi there! :smiley:
It’s best in the upper left corner where it kinda sorta almost fits but most of them are also too big so they don’t really fit at all in the end. And then in the lower right you can pobably have a very small GUI disappear completely if that’s what floats your, but … ain’t nobody got time for that!!! :rofl:

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Aaaaaaaaaawww! Say it ain’t so! Great find so thanx a lot but that doesn’t mean I like it haha!

GPU problems is a completely new hobby for me. It’s been set it and forget it since day one of computing with graphics hardware. :scream:

Does someone out there have a direction to point me to about Nvidia GeForce GTX 950. Maybe all I need to do is to wrap it in spider web gathered in the first sunbeams of a friday morning and then I knock it lightly three times, maybe four? Or do they have a web site? :laughing:

Alternative solution !!! :sunglasses:

Create a snapshot as usual of your VST plugin in Cubase. It will look bad but don’t worry.

Go to:
C:\Users[your user name]\Documents\Steinberg\VST Thumbnails

and sort the images to find the newest file. It ought to be your newly created snapshot. Just keep track of it and go back to Cubase.

Create a manual screen shot with windows print screen key (don’t ask me about macs, but there is some way, right?) and then use your favorite graphics program (M$ paint can do this) and paste the clipboard into a new document. Crop the image so only the VST plugin is visible and save the result in a *.png-file.

Now go the previous folder where you found the snapshot under VST thumbnails. Copy the whole name including the file extension and keep it in the clipboard [CTRL+C]. Delete the broken snapshot.

Go to your graphics program and save as the file name you have in the clipboard [CTRL+V] in the VST Thumbnails folder. If you prefer you can just save over the snapshot.

Now you have a nice looking snapshot of you VST plugin. :sunglasses:
And nothing keeps you from using a photo of your mother in law for a distortion plugin … except your good judgement! :crazy_face:

Best of all. You’re now free to go back to do something better with your time, like play some music !!!