Workaround for dysfuntional renaming of audio files

Tried to rename a handful of guitar track files without luck.

  • Microsoft doesn’t understand your wish to own your own computer so they stop you from having admin rights to your file unless you take actions.
    If you can’t rename audio files from within Cubase it’s probably a matter of taking ownership of them in Windows.
    I have a whole SSD disk for recording and I am now the admin of the disk so … it works!
  • You have your audio files “hanging” in the middle of a process like transposing them a halftone when you try to rename them. Won’t work!
    There is a workaround which is sort of destructive and that’s bouncing the parts, but that doesn’t really cut it most of the time.
    It’s been like this on and off for a few years.
    Now I notice it#s like this in Cubase 10.

I am imagining, they have different build branches. They are jumping between different builds. For example maybe there is a snappier one, there is a more stable one, etc…

For example, version 9.5 was the build on the most stable version, but maybe it had multicore issues. (I’m just imagining)

They try to build the new version 10 on the fast snappy one, but they forget that it has some bugs that were sorted out in the 9.5 version (different build). So they try to fix v10, but if somehow they cannot, they go back to the stable 9.5 version and proceed from there.

As I said, I am just imagining. Because somehow the stable program becomes unstable again, and with bugs that were ironed out before.