Workaround for expanding Voices

At the moment I sit on a big orchestral work, import from Finale, and the composer wrote only voices like „Flute 1,2“ which I want do split. With Paste Special -> Expand everything works fine except for the parts with 2 voices, stem up und down. I had to do the work in parts. This can be real pain if it changes every bar. But now I think I found a workaround I’d like to share in this forum.

  1. Make 3 Flute staves. 1 more than needed.
  2. Select everything from Flute 1,2, filter all downstem voices
  3. Move all the downstem voices to Flute 3 (with alt-m)
  4. Select all in Flute 3 and change all the music to upstem again
  5. Select whole Flutes 1,2 again, copy it
  6. Paste special->Expand to Flute 1 and Flute 2
  7. Now comes the „mechanical“ part: You scroll through the piece in gallery view, and when you find something written in Flute 3 (easy to find, the most bars are empty in Flute 3, because the voice always starts and ends), you delete these bars in Flute 2. These are the bars where Flute 2 is the same as Flute 1.
  8. and last: You choose everything in Flute 3 and move it 1 stave higher (with alt-n). DONE.

With Shortcuts it is done very fast.

There’s a slightly easier way, I think. Paste Special—Explode, and leave everything in the top staff first. Explode downwards in sections based on the number of voices. Then there’s no need for extra clean-up work. I do this regularly.