Workaround for fermata placement

Hi all,
I often need to override Dorico’s fermata placement when I need fermatas to appear on exact beats. For example, Dorico does this:

But I want this:

I find it cumbersome to do this one staff at a time, entering notes at every rhythmic position, locking duration, adding back ties . . . I realized that this process can be sped up by first changing the meter like this:

Then, I lock the durations in place and remove the meter change. Perhaps this is common knowledge already, but I hadn’t seen it yet.

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Just put your fermata on a half note to begin with (as in the second staff down), and Dorico will arrange it properly in the other parts.

If you want the top note split, you do not have to create a fake meter change. Click U on the desired hash mark, and then use forced duration before tying the two half notes together.

This is not how Dorico behaves for me. If I put a fermata on the second half note in a measure, and then add the fermata, and then put a whole note in another part, it puts the fermata on the whole note and does not split that whole note into two tied half notes automatically. Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere?

Yes, I know I can do this. But if I have a score with 50 players, that’s a lot of entering, untying, retying, etc.

Dorico will not split notes for you automatically when you add a fermata midway through a note.

Dealing with 50 staves shouldn’t be any different to dealing with two or three, though - take advantage of the multi-staff caret functionality like so:

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This (among dynamics) is another thing that would be cool if it was automated. Some kind of setting that would split the notes to the rhythmic position of the fermata. I think that is often the correct notation after all.

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Wow, this is great! I should have understood this, considering that I know Dorico treats tied notes as one entity, but it never occurred to me that I could “U” a whole note at a rhythmic position. What a time saver, thanks!