Workaround : hide cautionary time signatures

Hi! I’m engraving a piece where I need to hide cautionary time signatures. These time signatures are on top of the piano staves and are only there to help the performer divide the complex and changing meters (as if Messiaen would have add time signatures on some of his pieces). So these don’t act as regular time signatures. I know there have been debates on this forum, I really hope this will be an option in a future Dorico version! (Is it there on the iPad version btw?).

I’m trying to use image frames, but this doesn’t work well. For example, this one is blocked, I cannot make it smaller by dragging the left side to the right. I really appreciate Dorico, but for this, I seems for me quite long and painful. Hope you can help me!

I would think a blank SHIFT+X text field with an opaque white background would serve you better than a graphics frame.

Do you definitely need to use time signatures to indicate the beat grouping, or would adding the time signature (to control beat/beam grouping), hiding it, then using staff or system text to indicate the subdivision visually for the performer work too?

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Hi Derrek and Lillie. I believe both solutions could work, but I’m just not sure how to achieve them.
I don’t see how I can put an opaque background to a text field.
For the written Time Signatures, how can I make the text look like the real one?

Thank you for your answers!

If you want to write time signatures fairly easily that look like real ones, the MusGlyphs font is a good solution.

Ok thank you! I’ll figure it out!