Workarounds to run Waves V8 in N5 64 bit on OSX Lion

does anyone got some experience to run Waves V8 within N5.5.1 64bit.

I’m going to plan my update to osx 10.7 and only want to do it if i can use my current plugin setup in 64 Bit.

I heard about J Bridge but i think it’s only Win stuff.

Informations about waves 64 bit support bring me to the decision to stay on 10.6.8

Input needed ;O)

Best Regards


Nuendo 5.5.1 can run at 32 bit or 64 bit on Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7.

The VST plug-ins need a 64 bit version to be loaded by Nuendo when it’s running at 64 bit. AFAIK, Waves does not have a 64 bit version of the VST WaveShell on Mac OS.

…that’s what i know from the Waves support page

Currently there is no 64Bit version and that they think there is no need for it.

But it’ll come.

I was looking for something to use in the time till they’ll release a native 64 Bit working shell.



The 64 bit VST offer on the Mac is a bit sparse… You’re better off running Nuendo in 32 bit. That being said, the gain in CPU efficiency at 64 bit is around 10% and I use Nuendo 5.5.1 (32 and 64 bit) in Mac OS 10.7.1 without any problems…

nice to hear that it’s performance is good and stable in 64 Bit.

Have that 10% more CPU left…

But my main interest is to get these waves Plugs running in 64 Bit or any 32-64 bit Bridged mode thingy

OR i’ll way till Waves release the 64 Bit shell.