Workflow advice (no time signatures boxes note spacing)

hey, I’ve just started a new series of pieces that will be looking very similar to each other. And I realize that I haven’t tackled this specific sort of layout/style yet in Dorico.
Wondering if anyone might have a few words on efficiency, or best ways to approach scores like this, while saving time.
What I’m wondering I guess, is it better/faster/cleaner, to add time sigs, and hide them, or to do a huge time sig like in the screen shot.
The final results will have boxes around specific phrases, and I will want to space the notes/phrases out from each other. (in Sibelius I would just grab notes, and mouse. I very much liked that elasticity)
thanks so much.

Neither. Do an open time sig and just add barlines as you need them.


I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re wanting, but why add a time signature at all?


thanks guys for the quick replies. Yes, I guess I was thinking of thattoo. No sig at all. Ok, seems like that’s the definitive answer on that aspect. thanks.
The time sig question, though, was sort of in relation to the end product, which will require spacing things out. and then boxes around them. I guess I am just a bit unsure whether the re-spacing will be impacted by how I’ve applied time signatures.

thanks again, I just realized that Dorico handles all the problems I was worried about. So maybe I posted this question a little too early. : )
It was the spacing and the system breaks, that would happen later in the engraving process, that I was worried about. I thought that laying everything out in free time/or huge time sig, might cause problems. But I now see it doesn’t. Nice.
Thanks again

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