Workflow enhancement editing groups of midi regions

Often in my work I have a musical part that is shared by multiple instruments / regions. I would like to group these regions (not tracks, but regions) together as a group so when I open one in the key editor, they all open. But I do not want this to be a permanent setting as I also want to be able to still just edit individual regions without opening the rest of the group.

It would be cool if you could group regions together as a group which I can edit quickly when I want to edit this rhythmically, but also defeat this grouping so I can edit them individually. Also, they will often share the same rhythmic figure, and sometimes even the same notes, but they are not exact duplicates are region was recorded live and not quantized as I like to keep a human feel. I obviously want to keep this intact.

Right now I’m having to manually select each region, and the regions are often in various areas in my arrange page of my 100+ track song (organized by instrument group). I’m going through and shift - clicking each individual region, which takes some time in itself, but if I do this too quickly I end up selecting the last one only and have to re-select them all again!

Would be great if there was a way to group regions together, but just as importantly to toggle this setting on and off.