Workflow enhancements

Sorry, long post. (It’s quiet here anyway).

Okay, so I spent an enjoyable time over Easter recording with Cubasis. Overall I was very happy with the outcome, just tracking not mixing. I felt I got a lot done. But there’s a few irritations that kept cropping up so I decided to put them up here. They’re not really big features like 24 bit, or time stretching etc. but just really simple small things that would go a long way to speeding workflow. (For me at least but I’m sure most would benefit.) So here they are:

1 Cursor return to zero on stop option. Quite an easy thing to implement I would think but would save a lot of frustration.

2 Some way of setting the locators when they’re not in view. The number of times I had to zoom out from where I was working to find them, drag them to approximately where I was working, zoom back in, reposition them again… you get the idea. (If there’s another way please someone let me know).

3 Meter clip reset on fader move. When a channel has clipped you will move then fader anyway, then you have to reset the clip indicator. I don’t know if my double tap technique is no good but I have a really hard time resetting them.

4 Draw in velocity lane affects selected notes only. Adjusting velocity is not easy anyway, but being able to use the draw tool on selected notes only would go a long way to making it easier. (Especially for drum editing which is what I’m using it for at the moment)

5 An indicator to tell you when you have an event handle rather than the whole clip. Many times I moved the clip when I only wanted to move the handle. (Auria has an arrow that appears when you’ve selected the handle. Something similar would save a lot of frustration)

There’s more but the other things probably really belong in the feature thread, some have already been mentioned.

It’s great that a parametric equaliser is coming in the next version, but the above few enhancements would really speed workflow and make the tracking experience even more enjoyable, well, for me anyway.
Would anyone else find the above useful?


Hi Rob,

very good ideas indeed, thanks a lot. We already had some on our list, and I added a few more. You might see the one or the other in Cubasis 1.4.

If you have anything more, just add it in here.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the reply, Frieder, good to hear that these are on your list. I’m really looking forward to the updates.

Btw of course I meant return to start on stop, not zero, that would be very irritating. :blush:
But you probably guessed that.