Workflow for Bandcamp releases

I’m new to WaveLab and trying to get my head around the best workflow for my purposes. Most of the music I create gets uploaded to Bandcamp as digital albums and I’m trying to figure out the best workflow for this. I could have a project per track, but that defeats the purpose of having an overall project for the album. If I setup a project for the album and include all the tracks, I can setup each track as a montage track but I’m limited to 8 tracks in the montage editor. If I string the tracks together in a single montage track I’m then unable to easily treat each album track separately.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Are you using WaveLab Elements or Pro?

Either way, you really only need to create one track in the montage although I typically work with two tracks in the montage and stagger my songs/clips back and forth from one to the other incase any songs need to overlap.

One project per song/track is definitely not what you want and defeats the purpose of the WaveLab montage in many cases.

I think you might be overlooking the concept of Clip FX which allow you to create a plugin chain specific to each audio “Clip”, or in your case, each song.

See my attached screen shot.

Aside from Clip FX, you can also insert Track FX which are not related to CD Tracks but instead related to Montage Tracks, I don’t use these often.

Then we also have the Montage Output FX slot which is where I tend to put my final limiter and other plugins I want to be applied to the entire montage in the same way.

Many thanks for the reply! I’m using WL Pro. When it comes time to rendering each clip to a FLAC or WAV file, how is that done. In Cubase I set a range and export, but I’m not seeing an obvious way to do that in the montage editor.

Well, you have to add track markers for each song which you can do manually, or more easily with the CD Wizard.

Then you have to define a “Render Source” in the montage which you should likely set to “All Regions” and “CD Tracks” and then in the Render ribbon tab you have a variety of options which can also easily be stored as presets which is a big time saver.

There is really no correlation between Cubase and WaveLab that I know of so think of this as an entire new app and workflow.

See screen shot:

Very helpful, thanks!