Workflow for export of multiple audio clips


I seem to loose my way in this process all the time.
I have some old tapes, now transferred to audio and loaded into Cubase 9. I have 35 clips from this concert, that has been originally captured on Cassette tapes !!! So the quality is very different.
Now I have created a plug-in chain of FabFilter EQ2, Slate Virtual Tape Machine, and Ozone 7 on the channel that hold all the clips. On a certain point in one of the clips the audio is suddenly very damped, so I need to boost the top quite a lot. If I do this by automation, I can not move the clips around, and suddenly I think it’s very complicated. And what do I do if I need a noise reduction later in the process?
How do you manage that kind of jobs?


Automation can follow the event. Would this help?

That of course could help a lot, but isn’t there some way to “record” the state of a plug-in at the start of the seq.
Let’s say that my Fab-Filter EQ should be gained a little around 5000hz in the 5th number. Can I like record the default state of the EQ at the start?

Use a compressor maybe? With the right settings it will boost everything that goes beyond a certain threshold to match the level of the rest.