Workflow for exporting midi file for notation purpose

Say Ive composed something in cubase that needs to be imported in notation software like Sibelius or finale. Can I work with the score editor in cubase and finally export to musicxml to be later imported by Sibelius?

What if I have to make changes in my midi file - is there any way to propagate just those changes to the Sibelius format? Basically I need a good cubase-Sibelius workflow suggestion.

…or Dorico. :wink:

Yes, you can. You can also export/import pure MIDI.

Unfortunately not. My workflow is to do in Cubase as much as possible, including quantization (starts, ends/lengths) to prepare the material for the scoring software as much as possible. Then I export MIDI, and import it to the scoring software, where I do just the “layout” stuff.

Thanks for the clarification Martin!

There’s one problem with the score in Cubase - there’s a beam marking between certain notes - I can go to the properties of those notes and remove them manually by unticking “No flag/beam” and clicking Apply, but what causes them to be there to begin with? The notes are supposed to be ungrouped quarter notes.

Could you send a screenshot, please? I’m not sure I know, what do you mean exactly. Thanks.

Thanks Martin - when I encounter it again I’ll take a screenshot and post it here.

In spite of the irregularities with it, export MusicXML is the best way I have found to get stuff from Cubase to Finale (in my case). Usually beam groups, note-attached text and articulations signatures, etc., carry over. But once it’s in the other program that’s it, the relationship is like a one night stand- it might seem great at the time, but you risk regretting it later!

As far as your beamed notes go, there would never be a beam or flag on a quarter note, so check the length in the info line to make sure you know what you’re dealing with.