Workflow for hybrid mastering in Wavelab 11

Happy new year all!

I am looking to get a mastering DAW as have been using Logic and was wondering if there were any tutorials on using analog hardware with Wavelab when masteirng, especially for albums and EP’s. I understand the external fx plugin in Wavelab but am unsure as to how I can print this back in for example.

Any info would be most welcome as I am currently demoing Wavelab.

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I’m overdue to make a new video, and a more in-depth video but while the External FX plugin does exist, I find it to be somewhat limiting in features and then you still have to go back and create a new montage and do the heads and tails and other tasks to account for any analog gear noise floor.

There are usually a few ways to do the same thing in WaveLab but I prefer to put the unmastered files on a Reference Track, which can feed more than one DAC path if needed, and then record that audio back to a new track, do the heads/tails/final limiting etc, and then render the final masters:

Ooo this is great thank you Justin!
I found audio to cut out sometimes as well using the external fx plugin where I would have to stop and press play a few times to get it back which was a pain. Out of interest, can you have more than one ref track?

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Yes, I’ve also heard about issues like that but since I don’t use the External FX plug, I can’t really say more.

It does seem like the Reference Track method tolerates pre-analog plugins better without issues.

You can have more than one Reference Track but since you can put your pre-analog plugins on each clip, and the Reference Track can feed more than one stereo output at a time, plus you can use Lanes on the Reference Track, I can’t think of a reason why you’d need more than one Reference Track for the analog play/capture process but you can of course have an additional Refernence Track for other uses such as putting actual reference material on it to compare.

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