Workflow for Multiple Takes across Muliple Tracks?

Say you record 5 takes across 16 tracks or so. Manually selecting each take for playback, mixdown, editing, etc. takes forever. It’s also easy to make mistakes as you scroll down the screen trying to click the proper take on each track and also not miss a track. When comparing takes, you want to instantly switch between them, not spend 2 or three minutes clicking, scrolling and double checking.

There’s got to be a faster simpler way to select the take you want across every track.

Why not route each take to a Grouptrack then just solo the one you want to hear?


Each take in a folder track and solo/mute as required.


Step 1 : select all the tracks, right click and choose move to new folder
Step 2 : enable group editing on the folder track. (button looks like = )
Step 3 : record away. When you edit one track all others will follow. This includes selecting takes either by clicking the down arrow on the wave itself and selecting different takes or enabling lanes on one of the tracks and choosing takes via the lane system.

Great! Thanks for the responses.