Workflow help

There must be an easier way than how I currently do this. I usually open Cubase to some random scratch project folder I had created. 90% of the time, I don’t feel my “creation” is worth saving, so I don’t bother saving any project file, media,etc. All good. Just have that scratch file folder there for next time. 10% of the time I create something worth keeping. Now I want to create a “real” project folder, project file, have all the media in this new project folder as I continue to work on it.

Save As… and Backup still seem to want to keep the project pool media in the temporary scratch media folder I started with before I decided this would be a keeper. Anybody else do this or have suggestions?


I would recommend to use the Backup Project function to create the “real project”. And then just delete the temp folder.

Creating multiple Projects in a single folder can often cause headaches later on. Best not to do that in the first place. But Martin’s answer is how you fix that.

Whenever I’m just playing around trying stuff I always create a new folder named with today’s date*****, like 11-28-17. If I’m really sure it’s useless at the end I can delete the folder. But usually I don’t delete because you never know (disk space is cheap and music sketch projects tend to be small). Every so often I’ll go in and re-examine these old projects and often find something useful that I hadn’t noticed the first time around. When that happens I use Backup Project to give it a proper name. I almost always name Projects & Folders the same.

I will violate my one project per folder rule if the projects are just variants of each other like NewSongMix1.cpr and NewSongMix2.cpr

  • I’m not creative enough to have two good ideas on one day. :unamused: