Workflow importing XML Files

As I posted before, my main workflow is importing XML from Logic and than editing them.

But there are a few things , that alswasys are the same:
Handling of bar number s, Flow title etc

And I asked this similarity before, but Ididnt manage:

How can I set up Dorico that these Layout changes are automatically shown in the imported XML

Fouls someone please give a step by step advice because I didn’t manage to do it with the advices more generally .

Und falls das jemand auf Deutsch erklären kann wäre es wegen der Terminologie sicherlich noch einfacher.

Many thanx
Vielen Dank

the best workflow for now would be:

  1. set up a project with your individual settings, individual layout. Adjust the settings until you are happy with everything.
  2. go to your finder or file explorer and duplicate the .dorico file, give it a new name (new project)
  3. use this project for importing your music.xml files
  4. your new files will be imported as new flows - using your preferences and layout settings.
  5. in Setup Mode delete the old flows
  6. update the project info (cmd-I / ctrl-I)

Thanx a lot, I´ll try that!
Best gogollny