Workflow Q - double master output channels?

Hi all,

Is it possible to automatically add two stereo outs with identical physical outputs?

Working with music to picture, I want to be able to leave my master fader untouched at 0dB (for Dialogue and FX), while taking the whole music mix down to the right level (say, -6dB)

Lots of different workarounds, please do not suggest :
1 - VCA to all channels (although easily prone to error while adding new tracks),
2 - Music group mix (also a pain having to re-route all channels, and FX returns),
3 - Render final mix and re-import (means you have to render each time).

^^^ I do not want to do any of the above! They are very prone to human error.

Basically I want to mix everything in place, but have a final channel for music (which automatically assigns every track to the output channel), and a duplicate output channel for DX/FX (which is assigned to the same physical output, so I can do a ‘stereo mix’ export audio mixdown and hear it all.

Any tips from power users?

thanks in advance


I would recommend Group Channel, but you don’t like it.

What about Direct Routing (new in Cubase 8, taken from Nuendo)? This could work to you, or not?

How would Direct routing work? Can I route after the main stereo bus? I haven’t used it yet


In fact this is not “after” the main out (I didn’t try this, if it’s possible to set the output to another output, I will check it).

In general, this is as another (parallel) output bus(es). So you can route any track to more independend outputs.


I just check it, and you cannot route Output to any other output even via Direct Routing.