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I know that many of us are looking forward to so many new updates for Cubasis 3 (and hopefully in the future), but I would like to share two suggestions that would be very helpful for our workflow today.

  1. We all know that Cubasis 3 on ipad works with many AUV3 (that’s very good), but sometimes these for some reason don’t load and you have to restart everything… it would be very important to put a “reload” button in the window auv3 from Cubasis to wake up just that plug-in and not reboot the entire program. This would be wonderful.

  2. please, a home page would be ideal, even a very simple one… this would be very useful for when we want to open a certain project we don’t have to wait for the last one to load completely and then the one we need.

They are two things, perhaps simple or complex, but very necessary today so as not to affect our motivation.

Thanks for reading.

Sorry for my English.


Alejandro Cortés

Alejandro, your English is better than many for whom English is their first language! Excellent suggestions, BTW.

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  1. What AUV3 plugins don’t load? In the iPad Settings, Cubasis preferences, select “Load empty project on next app launch”. Perhaps that may reset Cubasis for you so problem AUV3 plugins may perform correctly. Or narrow down the problem plugin. And get rid of it.
  2. Create your own template, blank or containing your desired settings. Put in the Template folder. That would be your “home” page.
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Hi, these are some auv3 problem (crash or not open the first time ) : Beathawk, DigiStix, DigiStix 2 and Ravenscroft 275. And At sometimes: Skaka and octane.

All other auv3 work well.

About the first suggestion, I tried , and I still have the same problem…. Especially when I change between projects…. And about home page, I did my template but I can’t get that the first time when to open cubasis to be this one. And The iPad settings that you mentioned , it always go back to the position (it could be a good solution while ).


ipad 9th gen ios15.6

When you’re done with a Cubasis session, open your (in my case an empty) template or project before quitting Cubasis. I usually force quit after each session, but not totally necessary all the time. Then Cubasis won’t have to open an existing project next time you use it. Seems smoother that way.

I don’t use any of the plugins you mentioned… but a LOT of others, plus many efx, and Cubasis runs rock solid. iPad Air 5.

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