Workfow improvement - User resources

Hi everyone.

I’m wondering if there is resource (like a thread in this forum) where Cubase users help each other out regarding Workflow impovements? Such as:

  • Tips & Tricks
  • Hidden/Forgotten features that’s actually in the manual
  • User Macros/Logic edits
  • Key commands
  • Window management
  • Right order to do things
  • Anything that speeds up workflow really…

I realize that there are resources on e.g. You Tube but they have a bit too much of a commerical/amateur approach. But actually I’d like to welcome any suggestions even if they are basic. It’s easy to oversee some of the most common and useful ones, even if one works with Cubase on a daily basis.

I’d be glad to contribute myself, but I’d like to know if there indeed are such a resource/thread first. If not, maybe this is a thread starter??




Yes, most of them are available here on the forum.

Could you point me to such a thread? I don’t seem to find anything spot on with the search funktion of the forum. Thanks.