Working in mono, Waves, and lots of crashes

I really want to make Wavelab 10 work.

I read in another thread that mono plugins are not supported. It seems that of the plugins I use, only Waves offers both mono and stereo.

I recreated my preset using stereo plugins. Now I only get audio on the left speaker. There are two mono options: mix to mono, and mix to mono (L-R).

What’s the difference?

Also, I want to make sure the levels I see in the meters, and hear in my ears, and what I get on the rendered mono file.

What’s the proper workflow in mono with Waves plugins?

I’m hoping that it horrific crashes were related to mono plugins. It crashed so bad that it shut down my computer. I sent a crash report to Philippe via PM.

I’m using Wavelab 10.0.30 on OS X 10.15.4


What do you mean exactly? What is your workflow and what are you attempting to do? You can monitor the results directly by using ‘Render in Place’ before you save the file, for example.

Thanks for the reply.

The manual isn’t particularly clear to me. But if I understand what it’s saying, the Mix to mono (L-R) should be completely silent with a mono file. It isn’t. That means there must be some sort of left and right summing going on.

I work with mono files. I process them in mono, and I render them to mono. What I am trying to avoid is the issue I have in Cubase, and every other DAW that works in Stereo - that is, I don’t want the level to increase when I sum the left and right from the mix bus. If I set the panning law properly, I should be safe, but I prefer to create dual mono from the DAW and delete the right file. I don’t want to have to start doing that in Wavelab.

In older versions of Wavelab, it’s mono all the way through. I assusme 10 can give me the same results, but I’m not sure how. For some reason Waves offers both mono and stereo versions of their plugins. Other plugins don’t offer a choice. I don’t know why, or the history if that.

My current work computer is Wavelab 8.5 on Windows 7. For a number of reasons I would like to switch to a Mac. I’m hoping Wavelab 10 or 9.5 will be as solid as my old PC.


A true 2 channel mono file gives a silent result here.

I may not be grasping all of this. But, as far as I can tell, opening and editing and playing a mono file in WL10 functions with no issues. I don’t use Waves so cannot comment on that. However, generally speaking the channel configuration flexibility of plugins depends heavily on whether they are VST2 or VST3, since VST3 dynamically adapts to the number of channels.