Working on different projects side-by-side without resetting VSTs?

Is there a way to switch projects without resetting the VSTs?

The use case I have is I’m copying some patterns from one project to the other, and it causes the VST instruments to be reset and reloaded on each window/project switch, considerably slowing down the process.

Starting multiple dorico processes seems like an interesting option at first, but it kills the audio (could still be better than constant VST switching) and worse, copy-paste between processes doesn’t work :confused:

Is there any way to make this more comfortable?

In Play mode,
Play menu>Playback template
set it to Silence in both proyects.

But that deletes all VSTs along with their settings, doesn’t it?

Is there a way to save current settings and reapply them?

Yes, if you’ve manually loaded VST instances in the VST Instruments panel in Play mode, you can save the current state of them as an endpoint configuration. Then you can add that endpoint configuration to a playback template, which you can then reload as and when you need.