Working on two montages at the same time


Hopefully my question hasn’t been answered in this forum already - I could not find a post about this.

I am editing of a two-piano recording. Stereotrack 1 has piano 1, and stereotrack 2 has piano 2. I would like to have the two piano tracks open as full montages at the same time, i.e. not one montage and one rendered montage (such as a superclip, in which I cannot see anymore the edits I did to this submontage in an earlier stage). In that way I could adjust both piano parts (lining them up precisely etc) while I can see their waveforms underneath eachother.

Is this at all possible, and how? So far I have only seen the option of a montage on one track and a rendered montage on the other, but I have not found an option to work on two ‘source’ montages on top of eachother at the same time, which seems a rather essential option to me when editing multitracks with different instruments having to line up together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The only easy way to line up precisely is on separate tracks of one montage (1st pic).

Add 2 tracks to a montage (by clicking the “1” button on the left of Track 1 and “add stereo tracks”). Put Piano Take 1 on Track 2. Put Piano Take 2 on Track 3. Create a composite edit on Track 1, by making time selections, or making splits in Take 1 and Take 2, and copy/pasting them into Track 1. That’s one way.

Alternately you could make 3 separate montages and tile them (2nd pic). You do this from “Workspace > Add tab group below”. It doesn’t make it easier, but it might be more workable for you. The only advantage is you can simultaneously zoom to different areas of the source and destination, but having it in separate montages makes things pretty difficult, for me anyway.

Are you looking to emulate Source-Destination editing you’ve done in another program? I’ve never accomplished that in Wavelab because (for one method), it would require multiple tracks in one Montage that could be grouped/ungrouped and locked/unlocked in time as Source and Destination, with track specific In and Out points. It would be a nice feature, but I don’t really expect it.
Editing Between Takes - Copy.PNG
Tiled Montages - Copy.PNG

Dear Bob99,

Thanks for your tips in this matter. I was indeed looking for Source-Destination editing, it is good to know that that is not possible as such, so I should not look for this further. The two other tips you gave were helpful though, they help me to make it a bit easier.

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A lot of people think Source-Destination editing is a prerequisite for a mastering app being considered “Pro”. I used to use it in my previous program, and didn’t know how I would do without it. It would be great if Wavelab had it, because it’s very efficient if all the commands are accomplished on simple keystrokes. And Wavelab is pretty close in being almost there in many ways.

In Wavelab, if you use Copy in the “Source”, all of the proper Paste commands are there for the “Destination” (add/mix, split/insert, replace, overwrite, see pic). But in Wavelab you have no direct key shortcuts for all of those, and have to go through a popup paste menu (albeit with a “persistent” option), but still not as efficient (imo) as a dedicated Source-Destination with simple key shortcuts for all of those commands, and simple independent In and Out in both the designated Source and Destination tracks. (not to mention independent time-unlocked Zoom to In or Out, and dedicated Crossfade popup window for crossfade adjustment and audition). But the dedicated transient 3 and 4 point In and Out edit concept is just not there. If tracks can be assigned as Source and Destination, with In and Out points understood, “split/insert” is one instant command, not two or three (copy and paste, with or without context menu). In Wavelab, markers with time selection or splice creation can be used, but it’s not quite the same thing in terms of efficiency and speed.

But honestly I don’t miss Source-Destination that much. I don’t do very much of that type of editing at all anymore really. And I’ve come to like how Wavelab can be worked with in all the ways it can, including editing. I’ve just gotten used to simple alignment, and creation of segments for any editing that I do. But Source-Destination would be a nice addition, and possibly not that far off from the way things are already.
Paste to Destination - Copy.png