Working to picture (Edit Mode)

Heyho fellow Cubase users,

I’m facing a simple but VERY frustrating problem. I need to create content (sounddesign and scoring) for moving picture. Since Cubase offers the possibility to import a video file there shouldn’t be a problem.

BUT: It is NOT possible to adjust and edit this content right to the picture. I’m talking about the “Edit Mode” from Nuendo. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, a short explanation:
Whenever you move a clip in Nuendo, the cursor follows along this movement. Doesn’t sound that much, ha? But with the cursor moving, the picture of the video also moves and therefore you can see where the right spot (frame) is to place the sound.

This is an absolute ESSENTIAL feature when working with picture. I don’t want to purchase Nuendo and pay for all the features I don’t need (ADR, Game Audio, Reconforming etc.). Cubase advertises itself as a content creating tool and it’s all I need for scoring and sounddesign, but the lack of the “Edit Mode” is really bothering me.

I wonder how all the big Hollywood composers (Hans Zimmer, JunkieXL) work without this thing. All the other DAWs like Logic, Pro Tools and Reaper have this feature included. Steinberg’s determination in Post and Music related features starts to drive me nuts. I don’t want to switch my DAW after all this years just because of the lack of a very very simple feature, which should be absolutely naturally. I mean it’s 2016 come on …

PS: If anyone found a workaround, I’m happy to hear it.


I’m not using Cubase in this context, but I’m sure it will lock-up to picture if you have things set-up correctly.

What system specs to do you have? (You might include that information in your profile to make it easier for others to understand any issues or questions you are having.)

As far as importing clips into Cubase and then creating hit points for sound effects or cues for musical sections, it should be pretty easy to get things to line up. As far as pull-up and pull-down issues go, I really don’t know. I’ve not worked with Cubase in a Mix-to-Pix configuration.

In the best of worlds, I like working with an external clock and dedicated video playback system. The video’s time code drives the session with DAW (Cubase) locked to an external synch reference. Set your Cubase settings to conform with the master code on the video and it all should work out. I hope this helps a bit. Good luck.

You could try to work around this by selecting a clip, but moving the cursor not the clip itself. Once you find the spot you need, use the move to cursor command.

I’m familiar with setting up the DAW to external sync, but that’s not the point here. I just want to see the picture moving according to my edit movements. Otherwise it’s kinda hard to find the right spot to place a certain sound or note.

That could be a work around. Will definitely try it out. Thanks

My workaround for that function are these two macros. If you assign key commands to them you will be able to nudge/move clips frame by frame while also moving the cursor.
Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 22.59.48.png

This is what I do too.

THIS is awesome. Thank you very much for sharing