Working with a midi controller - NOOB Q

Hoping you can help me - apologies for the NOOB question! :unamused:

I have an MPK88 Akai midi controller. 8 sliders, 8 pots and 8 switches.
I’ve set it up and everything is working fine - faders assigned to volumes, pots to pan, transport is cool too. :slight_smile:
Except the faders, pots and switches only maps to the first 8 tracks. :frowning:

What I hope is possible is - when I’m mixing - if I select - say - track 33 in the mix, then the first fader and pot assigns itself to that track, and the next on to track 34 and so on. Is this possible? :confused:

All help gratefully received!

This is possible in the Generic Remote editor.
It will require some work on your part. You may be able to find a file that has it already mapped either on the forum here or maybe if Akai has a user forum. Heck, maybe they even published one themselves.
In short, you set up a series of “banks” and each “bank” directs the knobs and faders, etc., to control another set of 8 channels.

p.s. I thought I would also mention that the Generic Remote editor is very powerful. You can even assign a control to cycle through those “banks” from the keyboard itself.

Hi smapmap,

to follow up on jaslan’s replay, you might take a look at this piece from Sound On Sound:-

It’s from a while back but I think most of the details remain the same in v.7.

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Huge thanks guys - got it working. :smiley: Presume you can’t control more than 4 banks - which in my case would translate to the first 24 tracks?

I am not aware of that kind of limitation. You can add plenty of “banks”. I had a project with 27 tracks and it was willing to allow me to assign to any of those tracks. It won’t let you create an assignment for a channel that doesn’t currently exist but it will automatically map to them when you open a project with more channels. What you could do is create a “dummy” project with as many audio and MIDI channels as you think you would ever want. Then build your Generic Remote from that. Oh, and DON’T FORGET TO EXPORT IT! Cubase will always load the last exported or imported “template”.