Working with dual monitors

Hi, I got dual monitors as it helped with Reason. I could use the one for the rack mounts and the other for the sequencer screen. However with Cubase 6 I can’t figure out how to use them. For instance, if I drag a mixer window to the edge of the screen it stops, not allowing the window to pass beyond the monitor screen. What am I doing wrong?

Always On Top

Either always on top so you can drag stuff out of the Cubase window, or stretch the main Cubase window across both monitors first.

OK, I got it to work by stretching the Cubase window across both monitors. Thanks for that advice.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by “always on top”. I assume that this a setting for the different windows. In Preferences, I see that VST Editors are “always on top”. So without dragging the Cubase window across both monitors, I can move the VST editor anywhere I want.

So, for example, how do I set my mixer to “always on top”?

Aaah… found it by right clicking on the mixer window. That makes sense now. Thanks gents!