Working with Lanes in 6.5

Hi all !
I have a question.
When I´m working with lanes on a audiotrack (vocals) I found the new
comp tool in v 6.5 great . But there is one thing I´m wondering about.
When my takes from diffrent lanes i sorted out, I like to cut the silent parts
in the “sum track” and then erase these silen parts . The only thing that is interfering is that
when I erase (erase tool) the parts in the track I need to it the same amount of time as I got “lanes” .
Shouldn´t all the lanes be erased at that area at once if I made my erase in the “sum Track” ???

I hope I could explain this right :wink:
any thoughts
/ Tompa

For this purpose, I hide the lanes, right-click the track, select ‘select all events’, right-click on the selected events and than select ‘delete overlaps’ (can’t remember in which sub-menu it is located though).

But, I also would like it to be possible to use a tool in the “sum” track and have this action happen on all the lanes.
I use the mute-tool quite a lot while arranging and if I want to mute a part which has got different takes, I need to repeat the mute for as many takes are on the track, as it only mutes the one ‘on top’, revealing the one underneath.

Thanx Pixie !
I´ll try this work around :slight_smile:

Let´s hope that “steiny” see this topic and solve this issue.