Working with loop

Hello, what i want to do, is something like what it is commonly done in a live performance:
loop a portion of the music i playing and loop it, while i am still playing music
It might sound a bit nosense, but for composing pourposes might suit my need
How can be done?
thank you

see "cubase 12" how do I loop - Google Search

i know how to loop but it is not what i am looking for.I want to have a part of music that is looped while i am workng at another part of music. Like the hardware loop machine that are used in live performance. I also think that the looped part sound slightly different from th original, may be it might have some reverb and in general is kind of background music
A looper plugin?

Oh… so this would be Independent track loop

Also in Midi Key Editor.

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i found audio damage enso looper which seems to be very close to what i meant