Working with Lyrics

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The only thing that keeps me from using VST-Live on stage is the way the lyrics are created and presented.
I already noted this in another thread.
Please take a look at the MPS-software from Midi-Tools. There, lyrics an chords can be imported as an RTF-file and individually adapted to each songs using a simple recording fuction.


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Yes, I’d suggest the support of “chord pro” format to integrate the chords into the lyrics. What do you think?

Chord Pro format has a time tag but that is rarely used. VST Live Lyrics and Chords are strictly bound to time, so there is no direct path for that. But we will improve paste opertions so to make it easier.

Thank you for replying on my thread.
But I’m not really shure if I explained myself correctly or if I am misunderstood
I’ve attached a few pictures in the hope that it will be a bit clearer.


Ok, but where is time?
There are several tools like ChordPro, MPS etc for leadsheets and the likes. In VST Live, I repeat “VST Live Lyrics and Chords are strictly bound to time”, which means there is a timeline, and all text and chords have to fit that scheme for proper synchronisation.

The “Notes” module on the other hand is not bound to a timeline (but features “time anchors” to scroll to a certain position at a certain time), and you can create text like shown in your pictures yourself or using a viewer. For ChordPro import, we also consider a module.

Hi, musicullum!

In MPS there ist also a timeline, because you can record the lyric-markers as they fit to your song. After that the lyrics scroll properly.

… I tried to use the notes module, but I failed. I think I need someone’s help, how to create lyrics together with chord to have them running in sync to the music