Working with MOx6 vst editor... trying to export as audio

Hey guys im workin with the mox6 editor vst and im trying to setup an audio track to record my midi as audio. I just cant get my head around this ive been trying to read anything i can manuals… articles… whatever, but im just stuck, so im sorry if i sound like an idiot.
I have my keyboard connected to my monitors thru the L/R outputs, and connected it to the computer via usb cable. I set up a project and i have several midi tracks that each play its own instrument. Now, Im trying to convert each track into a seperate audio file. I create an audio track, but when i try to set the input… it says “no bus”… the output is the MOX VST editor…
Can you guys help me out? i will continue to look in the manual and try to wrap my head around it but im really stuck. thanks in advance

You need to Export Audio Mixdown, LE doesn’t have flexible routing to record directly.