Working with multiple plugins from the effects section

is there a way to have 2 effect plugins on the screen at the same time so you can optimize between 2 different effects.

another use case… i cannot find LU monitoring in wavelab, so i’d like to keep an LU monitoring effect visible while i change a value in another effect.

is this possible?

For Master Section plugins, yes. Have this option unchecked.

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i see, is this a pro feature? i think the issue i’m having… with Elements.

because there’s no LU meter and i can only see one effect, i’m having to switch around too much when trying optimize.

i guess this is a limitation of Elements?

The option displayed on my screenshot, is also available in WaveLab Elements 11.2

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ah… i’m running 11.1

thank you - FWIW, i think the default should be the other way. super happy i can do this with elements. fixes my workflow.

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