Working with Track Versions

So…just started using Track Versions.
I was tracking a band for two days. Producer likes to keep LOTS of options.
And he doesn’t work in Cubase.

1st thing: To comp between different Versions, is Cut and Paste the best (or only) way to do it?
Make a copy of the version that is closest to being the Comp and then Cut and Paste from the other versions to the Comp version?

2nd thing:
and this is the ugly part…
He doesn’t use Cubase.
I’m going to have to render out Files of every version PLUS every punch-in that has more than one option.
I also keep pre-record turned on and will have to minimize the files.

Is there a clean way to do it?
Maybe call up each Version and do a Batch export of all tracks?

I’m loving the new features…will love them more when I better understand how they work :slight_smile:

1st: Make Lanes from the Versions, and then do normal Comping.
Project/TrackVersions/Create Lanes from Versions