working with video in cubase le5

I am new to cubase and I have read the manuals and quick start. I have found that there is very little about video importing and working w/ video files. Ok…i got the video into the video track ( via the pool win.)…but no audio… what i found in forums is that you have to extract audio from your original file ,ie, mpeg4 etc. and they say you do this in the pool window…i right clicked in this pool window…there is no extract audio… i am very frustrated… Is there anyone out there that can walk me thru this. I am using cubase le5

does anyone have any info for me…i see that folks are viewing but no replies, please help if you can i really want to start using this program and stop looking for answers all the time… this is really bummin me out. STeinberg…

Ok I have done it, imported video from a converter, converted audio from the same video(all from my Phone) lol worked a project and ended up with a fun project…How do I make this project back into a single movie with audio tracks that can be played on a phone, computer, tv or a dvd???

I have absolutely zero experience with video in Cubase, but you deserve a response so here it goes. No guarantees any of this is accurate :wink:

What I think you need to do is use a Cubase function called ‘replace audio in video’. What that does is take your video file, and replace the current audio inside it with the audio from your Cubase project. Have a look through your manual how exactly that works (and if it’s even possible with le5).
I do know that Cubase can not export to a complete video, so I think this is the only way to go without 3rd party software.