working with Visibility b2b macro customization

I’ve discovered an autohotkey-powered tool called radial menu, and programmed it to work using a virtual midiport, generic remote, and cubase macros, to facilitate working with the new visibility features in cubase (among other things).

here’s how it’s working so so far…

(if you want to see more clearly what is going on, download the file as opposed to playing it back from the dropbox embedded player.)

if anyone’s interested, here’s the source app:

What means do you use to send midi commands?

the application sends midi messages to a virtual midi port (loopmidi, midiyoke, the like) that’s connected to cubase via generic remote.

You mean radial menu or autohotkey?

the application is radialmenu, however radialmenu is made with and executes ahk scripts from within itself, so technically ahk.