Working with VR in Nuendo

Hey guys,
I recently switched to Nuendo and have successfully finished a series working with normal video. I have another project which is an animated series which is being done in VR.
Currently, I receive a 2D or a stereoscopic video from the production which I work with. The 2D video cuts out quite a bit of the scene, so it’s been tricky doing sound design.

I was wondering what formats others were using? Is it possible to use 360 videos and pan around like you can in VLC? Also, what options does Nuendo provide for working with 360 videos? I’ve seen bits on the dearVR integration. Are there any other apps that can sync to the timeline? Ideally, I would love to pan around the video for positioning sounds. Is Binaural supported by Nuendo?

Any workflow tips are appreciated!

Thank you.