Working with VSL - VST3 doesn't get program change message

Interesting: is it any solution to compensate or to take in this stupid limitation?
I’m a VSL user, but for strings I prefer LA Scoring Strings loaded in Kontakt inside the VSLE Pro.I’ve found, that the most comfortable and effective way to built fully controlable and functional presets for LASS and it’s expression map is to create an Instrument Bank in Kontakt loaded in the VSLE, where you put different articulations in different slots. This way you can save a lot of space in the main instruments Kontakt panel, work more visual and use very simple and good old way to change the articulation patches. Unfortunatelly , VST3 can’t receive MIDI Program Change, and I don’t understand - why. Because of this limitation I can’t use VST3 version of VSLE plugin, so I have only 16 MIDI channel for one plugin, and it is not enough for LASS, where you have several groups for every strings section. So I’m forced to load more than one VSLE for all the strings, and in large orchestra projects it is not so comfortable and also eats extra resources.
Any suggestions?

My workaround for this issue is as follows:

In Cubase, instead of adding program change messages to your expression map, add CC0 (Bank Select MSB) messages.

In Kontakt (inside a VST3 instance of VEP), insert the following Multi Script (accessed via the paper scroll icon near the top right of the Kontakt GUI) to convert all the CC0 messages back into program change messages.

on midi_in
	set_event_par($EVENT_ID, $EVENT_PAR_MIDI_BYTE_1, $MIDI_BYTE_2)
  end if
end on

You can modify the script as needed to use any CC of your choosing as the “middle man”.

Many thanks!