Workspace Hacks

Hey guys.

I just revamped my hole Workspaces Switching thing in Cubase. To me, there’s some annoyances in the way Workspaces currently operate. I don’t like that it also includes your current zoom settings (does anybody really want that?) and also the track divider position.
So I don’t switch Workspaces directly via my controller, but instead using macros. The macro of course includes the Workspace itself, but also the following:

To combat Zoom: Just add a “Zoom MEM” before the switch, and a “Zoom ZAP” after.
For the Track Divider: Toggle “Divide Track List” twice. Once before the switch and once after.

I’ve also attached a picture:

While the Zoom-Trick might be obvious, I found the Track Divider thing to be quite interesting. Very hack-y of course.

I thought I’d just share this here, hope that’s cool. Also: do you have any crazy Workspace hacks? Any wishes for the future?


Very clever workaround.


Thanks you :heart: