Workspace problem

hi all,

Whenever I create a workspace with the Mixer in view the mixer is consequently put behind the main project window when recalled, thus eliminating it from view. I know i can just use F3 but I’d like to recall the mixer and the plugins I have on the master bus.



Does it mean the MixConsole window is over the Project window in this Workspace? How many screens do you use? How is the size MixConsole window against Project window, please?

no the mixer is hidden by the project window

I want the mix console, and a few plugins on my master bus to be visible in my workspace

Sorry, I mean when you create the Workspaces, do you open MixConsole on the same screen, over the Project window?

yes, i get all my plugins and open as well as the mixer console. when i recall the workspace only the plugins appear


Could you send a screenshot how does it look like, when you create the Workspace (so what is your expectation), and how does it look when you call the Workspace, please?