Workspace / project not saving Mix Console visibility?

Cubase Artist 7, Win 7 64. Dual monitors.

I have only one saved workspace. Mix Console is on the second monitor. Whenever I start Cubase or load a project, the Mix Console isn’t there. I have to hit F3 for it to pop up. Even if I then save the project, the Mix Console is gone on the next load. I have tried creating a new workspace with the Mix Console up and that doesn’t help either.

Hate Cubase 7 and tried to get a refund to go back to Artist 6. They wouldn’t let me. I feel like I keep running into little things like this.

Any suggestions?

And I know that some people don’t have this problem, so you don’t have to post “Works for me.” This issue has been brought up but there was no solution posted, so just wondered if anyone with the problem was able to pinpoint the cause.

If you want it to work don’t put your mixer “allways on the top” & it’s gonna work !

Thanks for the reply, but actually it’s the opposite, HS87. Setting it to “Always on top” DOES retain its position in the second monitor; however, it’s not maximized which is ridiculous. It seems the project or the workspace simply are not retaining the “Full Screen - Monitor 2” option.

This must be really traumatic for you having to hit the f3 button like the rest of us , it’s very time consuming isn’t it ? …
It is a known quirk and weather it gets sorted out who knows. :unamused:

I also have the mix console (full screen) on my second monitor, but haven’t saved this as a Workspace, as you did.
Everytime i open this project, it opens always the mixconsole full screen on my second monitor.
So why making a Workspace for this screen setup anyway as it should work without being a Workspace ? :wink:

sorry I want say maximised in place of allways on the top

vanhaze, how do you NOT make a workspace? Don’t workspaces automatically get saved (unless you lock them), regardless if you want to or not, even if you don’t know you are?

Well, i just have a Cubase template (custom made) that has the Mix Console on the second monitor, full screen.
Whenever i want to adjust this template, i just save it afterwards, without going into the Workspace - thang.
If i open that template again,the Mix Console is again on the the second monitor, full screen.
Hope this helps.

There’s plenty of stuff workspaces don’t save, and since Cubase 7, the workspaces save even less information.

Why there isn’t an option to have “what you see, you get” type workspaces? This was 12 years ago in Logic Platinum 5!